Calling All House Sellers...

How To Sell Your House - FAST!!!!

Many of the things you thought would work to sell your home are wrong. They could NEVER work because your home is what YOU like - NOT what the BUYER likes.

In this short video, I will help you to discover :

  • The 3 main details that are ESSENTIAL to making your house sell
  • How you can INSTANTLY make your home more appealing to a buyer
  • How to get every home buyer to fall in love with your house

In today's economy - even in Edmonton - houses sit on the market an average of 50 days and might on the market for a lot longer. So how do you really SELL your home - quickly?

You have to make the house appeal to exactly the right buyer at the right time. You need to concentrate on the right details. In this video, Stephanie Lycka will share with you the details on How To Make Your House Sell Fast.

Home Staging for a Faster Sale

Ever wonder why some homes sell in the first couple of weeks of being placed on the market and others NEVER sell? I have spent three years studying this phenomenon, and earning my certification as a home stager.

My goal with Unforgettable Spaces is to help Realtors and homeowners sell a home as quickly as possible, for market value. We do this by attracting a specific target market to each and every home.

Our services range from our budget-conscious "Bang for the Buck" package - to partially stage your home and highlight the main spaces - to complete "Everything Done For You Staging" including consultation and setup of every room. We also offer a solution for the "Do It Yourselfer" who just needs a little help getting started.

We also offer "Personal Shopping" and "Inventory Rental" services to supply the accessories and furniture pieces to brighten your space.

Contact Stephanie Lycka today at 780-991-6723 for a FREE report on home staging for the Edmonton market.

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